For many people, the type of music played in a worship service can be a significant help or deterrence for their entire experience.  At Queen Anne Presbyterian Church we have been fortunate to find a nice balance of traditional hymns accompanied by organ and newer songs accompanied by acoustic guitar.  Perhaps even more important than the style of music are the thoughts expressed in the words.  We believe that our music should be an expression of our worship of God, God's glory in the world, and God's role in our lives.

Celebration and Fellowship

In addition to the regular music that is a part of the worship service, we have a wonderfully rich and eclectic assortment of musical talent within the congregation.  We believe strongly in offering all our gifts to God, whatever they may be; and so, we have had everything from Native American flute to bagpipes, and everyone from elementary school kids to octogenarians, as part of our musical worship.  We encourage as many expressions of worship as possible.


Our choir rehearses after worship once a month as well as at 9:45 on the Sunday mornings we sing.  All voices are welcome.  Our handbell choir rehearses weekly.  This choir is always open to teaching new people the wonderful ministry of playing the handbells.