Annual Report from the Session of Queen Anne Presbyterian Church, 2015

Elders Anne Bloom, Brooke Doyle, Ken Hunt, Bill Pearson, Ken Simpson, Ben Stuart, and Mary Williamson served on the session during 2015.  Rev. Douglas J. Early was the moderator, and Marilyn S. Severson was the clerk of session.  The session wishes to express thanks and deep appreciation to Bill Pearson who rotated off the session at the end of 2015 after serving two consecutive three year terms, and Ken Hunt who served faithfully until his resignation due to work commitments. 

The session meets monthly and opens meetings with prayer and hearing God’s word from the Scriptures.  Following a time of reflection and checking in with one another, the session votes on matters of business, hears reports, receives information, and studies projects.  Yearly routine business includes approving the serving of the Lord’s Supper during worship the first Sunday of each month and on Easter.  The session also votes on requests for baptism; three requests were approved during 2015.

The session adopted a budget for 2016 as required by the Book of Order for the PC(USA).  The pastor’s compensation package for 2016 was approved at the congregational meeting held December 13, 2015.  The details can be seen in the copy of the budget and the minutes of the meeting included in this Yearbook.

The rental agreements with Kavana and the Grupo de Juego (a Spanish pre-school/play group) continued in 2015. 

Several 12-Step groups use the facilities on a regular basis.  A Girl Scout troop has also been approved to use the facilities on occasion.

Our two main outreach programs, the Senior Gathering and Weekend Food for Kids, continued in 2015.  The details of both programs are described in separate reports in the Yearbook.  WWFK involves QAPC members and friends as folks meet after worship to pack the food supplies for delivery.    Serving a dinner at Tent City 3, a homeless shelter held during winter quarter 2015 at Seattle Pacific University, and a Giving Circle involving the older children at QAPC also took place during the year.  Cold weather packs that members and friends could distribute to those in need were prepared during the final months of 2015.

Another program approved and implemented during 2015 was “Connecting Sunday to Monday.”  This discussion group started during Lent at Target’s Tavern under Doug’s leadership and has continued meeting monthly since.

Building improvements approved by the session during the year include the repair and restoration of several stained glass windows.  The cost of the project was financed in large part by Janet Brown’s daughter Beryl Carpenter and her husband Robert, in memory of Janet.  Barbara and Bill Pearson cleaned, painted, and reorganized the kitchen next to the Meeting Place during 2015, a welcome improvement to the building.

The session reviewed the membership rolls in December as charged by the Book of Order.  The changes for 2015 are listed below.

The session appreciates deeply the work of the many people who were involved in considering proposals, planning activities, and carrying out the tasks and events that are part of the worship, fellowship, service, and outreach of Queen Anne Presbyterian Church.  The Yearbook reports from those responsible for the various areas of the life of the church describe this work more completely.

                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,

                                                                                    Marilyn S. Severson

                                                                                    Clerk of Session

Membership number to be reported to the PC(USA) for 2015:  40


Senior Gathering 2015 Report

 We completed the 22nd year of the Senior Gathering and its service to our community’s senior population in 2015.  The Seniors gather every Friday from 11 a.m. to approximately 1:30 p.m. (depending on the conversationJ), except for holidays and severe weather.  On 49 Fridays in 2015 we served a total of 917 meals.  Two long time members, Mary Hulka and Lois Ouse, passed away in 2015, but we also welcomed new folks.

I would like to thank the many people who provided food during 2015:  Susana Blackman,  JoAnn Chalcraft, Elizabeth Denison (who also does the foot clinic), Brooke Doyle, Scott Gregory, Sandy Jensen, Chelsea Loving, Annette Mayor, Susan Mise, Jen Oxley, Barbara Pearson, Lori Ramage, Marilyn Severson, Mary Williamson, John Zimmer, and M.P. Zimmerman. 

The Senior Gathering also appreciates those who provide the opening remarks and prayer before the meal is served:  Janet Buck, Glennda Button, Doug Early, Roger Jensen, Bill Pearson, and Marilyn Severson.  We appreciate very much those who share with us on a regular basis.

The help of the kitchen crew enables us to exist!!  Annette Mayor, Jen Oxley, and Jo Chalcraft are the long-time regulars who set up, serve as “sous-chefs,” and clean-up. 

As coordinator of the Senior Gathering I would welcome both ideas and help from our members and friends as we work to make this outreach as meaningful as possible to as many people as we can.  We believe we have remained true to the original vision of the Senior Gathering founders:  provide fellowship and a good meal to those who participate.

                                                                                    Marilyn Severson

                                                                                    Senior Gathering coordinator