Queen Anne Presbyterian Church

December 13, 2015      

Rev. Doug Early, moderator, opened the annual congregational meeting with prayer at 11:45 a.m.  The purpose of the meeting is to vote on the pastor’s compensation package, receive the 2016 budget, and elect officers for 2016.  The clerk confirmed that a quorum was present.

Election of officers for 2016

·         Bill Pearson reported for the nominating committee.  He noted that the election of elders, class of 2018, will be held at the annual meeting toward the end of January 2016, along with congregational members of the nominating committee.

·         Bill presented the names of Hank Streich as treasurer and Kathy Boyer as assistant treasurer for 2016.  It was moved, seconded, and passed to elect Hank and Kathy to these offices.

Presentation of the Budget and Pastor’s Compensation Package

Elder Ken Simpson and Treasurer Hank Streich presented the 2016 budget.  They noted that it is difficult to predict income and explained that the increase in 2015 income resulted chiefly from memorials and bequests.  Rentals provide 25% of the annual income.  Angela Patz asked if we have a cushion in case of an emergency.  Hank explained that we have some unrestricted funds but would probably need a special campaign.  Mary Williamson noted that the session is working on this concern.

Doug turned the meeting over to Ken who explained the pastor’s compensation package for 2016.  He stated that the session did not want to leave the gross salary “flat” so added a “cost of living” increase of 1.8%.  The pension/medical amount is a percentage of the gross salary as determined by the PC(USA).

                                                            2015 forecast                         2016 budget

Pastor’s salary                                     63,846.24                                65,000.04

Pastor’s pension/medical                   22,194.24                                22,800.00

Pastor’s study leave                              1,417.40                                  1,500.00

Pastor’s auto allowance                       1,194.93                                   1,200.00

Pastor’s professional expenses             1.596.59                                   1,602.04

Brooke Doyle moved acceptance of the pastor’s compensation package as presented.  Bill Pearson seconded the motion which passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 p.m.

MODERATOR                                                              CLERK OF SESSION

Rev. Douglas J. Early                                                   Marilyn S. Severson


  The Meeting Place

Queen Anne Presbyterian Church

  January 25, 2015

Rev. Doug Early, moderator, opened the annual meeting of the congregation with prayer at 11:37.  The purpose of the meeting is to receive reports from 2014, hold a meeting of the corporation, review the past year, and discuss goals and directions for 2015.  The clerk attested to the presence of a quorum.

Review of 2014

Thanks were expressed to many people for their work in 2014:

·         Diana Altman for her work as treasurer during the last several years;

·         Andrea Early for all the “behind the scenes” work;

·         Bruce Sagor, Andrea Early, Marilyn Milano for the music during worship;

·         All those involved in the Christian Education program including Brooke Doyle, Karen Hunt, Ben Stuart, Anne Sylte Bloom, Brenda Day, Lori Ramage, Barbara Pearson;

·         Parents night out:  Lori Ramage, Ashley Xu Bian, Sherrie Bloom, Anne Bloom;

·         Nursery:  Kally Patz;

·         Hand bells, Andrea Early;

·         Sherrie Bennett & Scott Bennett, Little Free Library;

·         Sherrie & Scott, their son-in-law Randy, and Bruce Sagor, for their work on building maintenance and upgrades;

·         Choir for their contributions to worship;

·         Marilyn Severson for facilitating the Senior Gathering plus all those who have helped, including cooks and kitchen crew;

·         Mary Williamson thanked the many people who have helped with the Food for Kids program;

·         Ken Hunt thanked all those involved in the New Beginnings project for their input and prayers;

·         Paul Campiche offered thanks to Doug for all he does above and beyond preaching on Sundays;

·         Susana Blackman thanked Lori Ramage for her work in cleaning the Nursery;

·         Erin McDermott expressed thanks to the congregation for welcoming small children and thanks to Brooke for finding a wonderful replacement person for Kally Patz in the nursery;

·         Doug mentioned congregational support for December concert featuring Mike Davis and fellow musicians; $1200 was raised for the QA Helpline.

Thoughts about 2015

Doug passed out the Goals for 2015 that we all worked on together.  He went over our mission statement and emphasized that we include a full spectrum of ages.  Ken reiterated that we are all working together to achieve these goals; they require effort from the congregation, the pastor, and the session.

Doug read each goal and elaborated as we went through them.

            Marilyn Milano asked about what the communications plan includes.  Doug noted that we will be writing an introduction letter to the neighborhood.  The other specifics of the plan are still to be developed.  The session welcomes input.

Regarding the financial stability goal, Ken explained that we have modified slightly the 2015 budget and will be tracking figures.  We increased contributions by 18% from 2013 to 2014 so a 5% increase for 2015 is conservative.  The month by month status of contributions/expenditures will be posted in church office.

Regarding the goal for increased participation in the work and life of QAPC, Doug is forming a welcome team to make visitors feel a part of QAPC.

Ken noted that goals are written in a way that we can determine if, indeed, we have met them.

Meeting of corporation

Brooke Doyle, president, called the meeting of the congregation to order at 12:04 p.m.

On motion the minutes of the corporation meeting held during the 1-26-14 congregational meeting were approved.

It was moved, seconded, and passed to approve the current members of the session as trustees for 2015.

It was moved, seconded, and passed the following people as officers of the corporation for 2015: Brooke Doyle, president; Mary Williamson, vice president; Marilyn Severson, secretary; Hank Streich, treasurer.

The meeting of the corporation was adjourned at 12:06 p.m.

Doug adjourned the meeting of the congregation with prayer at 12:07 p.m.

MODERATOR                                                  CLERK OF SESSION

Rev. Douglas J. Early                                       Marilyn S. Severson